Rachel Aimee

Rachel Aimee is a writer, editor, and parent living in Brooklyn, NY. She is the NYC coordinator of Drag Queen Story Hour, a children’s reading series that brings drag queens and children together in libraries, schools, and bookstores for an hour of stories and crafts in celebration of unfettered gender expression.

As a writer, Rachel focuses on parenting, gender, and social justice. She has
written about sexy dolls for Ravishly, defended the “silly, frilly dress” at MUTHA, and pondered the possibility of a non-sexist dress code, among other things, at her blog, Not Anti-Princess.

Rachel was a founding editor of $pread magazine (2005 – 2011), and is an editor of $pread: The Best of the Magazine that Illuminated the Sex Industry and Started a Media Revolution (Feminist Press, 2015).

Follow Rachel on Twitter @RachelAimee1